How to Read the Bible

Softcover Edition, 224 pages.

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As fewer Christians read the Bible daily, fewer understand what a marvelous revelation it is from God to man. Drawing from a lifetime of studying and preaching God’s Word, Dr. Michael Youssef’s book How to Read the Bible (As If Your Life Depends on It) offers readers a fresh appreciation of the Bible, helping them to read it for understanding, not just as the storybook they remember from childhood.

How to Read the Bible is a simple, digestible, and captivating crash course on Scripture that is sure to become your ultimate study companion. Join Dr. Youssef on a soul-rending journey through the Bible that will radically shift the way you approach God and His Word—whether you are a skeptic, new in your faith, or have been walking for Christ for decades.

Chapter-by-chapter, this book will help you:

  • • Reclaim your wonder, awe, and love for God’s Word.
  • • Uncover the consistency of the Gospel message throughout both the Old and New Testaments.
  • • Understand common Bible study pitfalls and 8 key principles for approaching God’s Word.
  • • Experience spiritual renewal as you go from simply reading the Bible to knowing its Author.

Discover the incredible unity of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation—sixty-six books that all tell one overarching story of a Kingdom and a Covenant, of one Lord who saves completely and eternally.

“This book is the culmination of a lifetime of proclaiming the uncompromised Truth of God’s Word.” – Dr. Michael Youssef