Heaven Awaits (Book)

Heaven Awaits (Book)

Softcover Edition, 208 pages.

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Is there something more than this life? This world is full of crises and conflicts, difficulties and troubles—but this world will not last. No matter your age, your earthly life is slowly slipping away. This is why Jesus encourages us not to store up treasures on this earth but to invest in heaven.

In Heaven Awaits, Dr. Michael Youssef leads you on a journey to explore what the Bible says about heaven and to envision the wonders and glories that await all those who believe in Christ. Heaven is real, and your eternal home is far more real than your earthly experience right now. As Scripture unfolds, you will be energized to live each day in light of this awe-inspiring reality.

Heaven Awaits will serve as your eternal investment guide as Dr. Michael Youssef guides you to:
  • · Explore 8 facets of heaven’s beauty, including the best part of all: seeing Jesus face-to-face.
  • · Discover 9 blessings and 10 benefits of heaven, from the joy of no longer experiencing any loss to living free from the ravages of sin and suffering.
  • · Receive Biblical clarity about heaven as Dr. Youssef dispels common and even dangerous misconceptions perpetuated in our culture.
  • · Revel in the stunning, precise physical descriptions of the New Heaven, the New Earth, and the New Jerusalem as depicted in Scripture—a real and tangible picture of what the believer’s eternal home will be like.
  • · See the brilliant, redemptive story of the Gospel: the restoration of Eden, where sin brought brokenness into our world, to a new Eden where man will once again be in the very presence of God.
  • · Understand how the future promise of heaven inspires you to live joyfully for Christ today.
Let the beauty of heaven thrill you, the benefits of heaven inspire you, the blessings of heaven excite you, and the promise of heaven motivate you to live each day for your audience of one.